Lavanya Gollapudi I never thought my professional comeback would be so smooth even after 2 years. ‘Starting Over’ proved to be a blessing! It’s because of such initiatives that women like me are back in the corporate world.
Gottipati Sireesha I took a two-year long break for personal reasons and wasn’t sure if I could actually work again. Many a times, I felt diffident seeing my friends have a full-fledged career. However I was overwhelmed when I learnt about Starting Over and the opportunity it provided. Tech Mahindra’s Starting Over gave me just the right platform to get back into a professional life.
Heemaalkoul Dhar Relocation after marriage made it difficult to get back to work. In fact, it became more and more difficult to get back to work as time went by. I learnt of Starting Over through my husband’s friend. Starting Over is truly a blessing for all women who want to restart their careers!
Sivanagalakshmi Moturi As a new mom I took a break from my career and was anxious about restarting my career. Starting Over gave me the perfect platform to join back. A big thank you to Tech Mahindra for this wonderful opportunity - it all looked so simple with Starting Over!

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